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Thank you to all our members and volunteers who have supported our online "zoom" sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have certainly created some wonderful memories and had lots of laughs.

We appreciate that these sessions were not convenient for everyone and hope to be back to a more traditional setting soon.

"Zoom Highlights"

Well it has certainly been an interesting year or so. We we forced to abandon sessions in March 2020, when the world decided to throw a pandemic at us. It took us a little while to come up with a plan, but then FAAAZE, the Zoom version began!

We began in a very tentative way and just used the sessions to chat and reassure everyone that we were still here for them and gradually introduced some activities. These became more adventurous as the weeks went on and we have definitely established some new FAAAZE favourites. There have been quizzes, sing-alongs, scavenger hunts, fitness sessions, crafts, and lots of very bad jokes - thanks to Al and Matthew for those!

Summer 2021

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